Achieving Merger Cross-Sell Synergies

By Symmetrics Group on Aug 27, 2013

Corporate mergers are often sold to investors and Wall Street on the illusory promise of cross-selling synergies. Often as a result of a merger, the marketing and sales organizations are charged with delivering growth through the combined portfolio of products and solutions.We have recently partnered with a large high technology company to help them drive incremental growth from their top 100 customers. Analysis of the top 50 customers from each company showed little overlap in services and a large opportunity to cross sell the combined portfolio. The core of the approach is to work with the account teams from both organizations to develop an overall customer strategy that identifies areas to leverage current relationships and strengths, along with opportunities to bring new value to the customer.

We have built an Account Planning program that leverages significant preparation and customer input, a facilitated planning session, and a review with internal executives to cover their strategies and any “asks” to support growth.

Through this process, the account teams have identified multiple seven and eight figure sized opportunities, and we’re working with the client to package the approach to be scaled down to their national tier of accounts. Through the focused efforts of our client and their account teams, they are on their way to achieving their cross sell growth targets.

Symmetrics Group

Written by Symmetrics Group

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