Laura Sardilli

If there's anyone who understands what keeps a senior sales leader up at night, it's Laura Sardilli. A partner at Symmetrics Group, Laura regularly collaborates with business leaders on their biggest opportunities in sales and mobilizes Symmetrics Group teams to address them. Whether the issues revolve around sales strategy, process, tools, or leadership/selling skills, Laura crafts an approach that favors results over recommendations.

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Top Performer DNA: Interview with Ed Calnan of Seismic Software

By Laura Sardilli

As part of our Top Performers in Sales series, we recently had the privilege of interviewing Ed Calnan, Founder and President of sales enablement solution provider Seismic.  Ed offers perspectives on high performance sales from two angles -- as a leader of a high growth SaaS company, and as an enabler of sales productivity and collaboration for Seismic customers.

When asked what differentiates the best people in sales, Ed cites three key traits: 1) The ability to understand and navigate organizations, 2) Proficiency in addressing business problems, and 3) Discipline to learn from wins and losses. Ed and his Seismic team are uniquely skilled at these pursuits as innovators in customer engagement, sales process, and Account Based Marketing.

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