Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke is a consummate sales strategist with a bias for action and measurable execution. As a Vice President at Symmetrics Group, Tim is known for his ability to cut to the essence of complex problems and quickly align teams toward solutions. His approachable leadership style and sense of humor make him well-liked and highly regarded amongst clients and consultants alike. Tim offers a wealth of experience in Sales and Go-to-Market Strategy, CRM Effectiveness and strategic growth initiatives. He has served in senior operating roles in private-equity backed and independent firms and has consulted with Fortune 500 companies across industries.

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The 4 Most Common CRM Disasters

By Tim Clarke

Sales leaders ackowledge CRM's role in business success, yet 63% of CRM initiatives fail. Learn the warning signs and first responder tips for four of CRM's biggest pitfalls with our CRM Disaster infographic.  Dig deeper and download our disaster prevention article "CRM & Sales Effectiveness: Where's the Link?" where Tim Clarke of Symmetrics Group explores the critical components of a successful CRM program.

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