Overcoming the “Me” Phenomenon

By Symmetrics Group on Aug 27, 2013

 One of the primary challenges we see when working with sales teams—regardless of industry, size, sophistication, or geography – is a disproportionate focus on the seller and his products and services. Our goal is to change this and help sales reps understand why, and how, the focus must shift to the buyer and her buying environment. That emphasis allows sellers to better surface key information about business challenges, buyer needs, and more robust opportunities.

For a $2B technology company serving the telecommunications industry, Symmetrics Group is building a custom program to help its 500+ member sales team differentiate and elevate its selling activities. The company conducted a series of Workshops to isolate key business challenges that its customers face, as well as identify game changing “Big Ideas” that would allow the client to bring critical market intelligence to conversations with key stakeholders and decision makers. It then worked with a subset of Sales Leaders and High Performers to craft dynamic discussion differentiators – based upon the buyer’s business challenge, role, and thinking preference (via HBDI) – to model exactly how the discussion should evolve, spending a disproportionate amount of time on the buyer and insights and Big Ideas.

Symmetrics Group will deploy the updated selling approach and tools to the client’s entire 500+ sales team during its annual training conference. We will facilitate 12 separate hands-on sessions, including 3 for Sales Managers, where leaders will learn not just about how to sell with insights and how to identify the right opportunities for this model, but more importantly how to coach reps on how to apply and sustain the approach long after the training “event.”

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Written by Symmetrics Group

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