The People Make the Place

By Michael Perla

I was staying at a hotel recently with my family, and the experience left an impression on me. It was not a fancy hotel – it was three stars and a more of an extended stay brand (full kitchen, two rooms, etc.), which I prefer when we are traveling with the kids. The hotel was in a non-descript office park outside the city of Atlanta. Out of 37 hotels in the town, it was ranked number one on TripAdvisor, a favorite travel review site of mine and the largest of its kind.

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The Gifts That Keep On Giving

By Joni Santos

About two months ago, my children presented their Christmas lists to me. My little girl’s list was full of dolls, books, and crafts, while my son’s list consisted merely of video games and football jerseys (both expensive items, I might add, and apparently very typical for his age). As I looked over their carefully prepared wish lists, I wondered how much of the stuff they want will ever get played with or used more than a month after they open it.

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Multigenerational Selling Events