Your Buyer’s Age – It’s More Than Just a Number: Part 2

By Kelsey Peusch

In Part I of this blog series, we explored the case for change, highlighting how generational diversity impacts a seller’s ability to connect with buyers from generations different than their own. This blog investigates how recent market and demographic shifts, such as the internet and generational differences amongst buyers, have created new dynamics in today's B2B buying process.

What specifically are Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennial buyers looking for and how does a seller adjust?

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Top Performer DNA -- Knowing Your Sales Math

By David Szen

At Symmetrics Group, we regularly meet highly successful sales professionals and have developed a "Top Performer" series that highlights what the best and brightest people do to thrive in their respective fields. Our Top Performers book profiles 15 people with proven records of sales success in order to uncover “success DNA” that separates them from the pack. Not surprisingly, we found some common DNA – or success markers -- across these Top Performers, one of which is the knack for knowing their “sales math” inside-out, top-down, backwards, and forwards. 

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The Hard Worker

By Joni Santos

The Sales Executive Council has found through their research that B2B sales people fall into one of five profiles – the Challenger, the Relationship Builder, the Reactive Problem Solver, the Hard Worker, and the Lone Wolf. Our experience tells us that while many top-performing sales people can display more than one of these behaviors, they do provide a quick shortcut to categorize sales professionals.

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Facts Are Stubborn Things… (or Are They)?

By Hope Eyre

My mother’s preferred form of maternal bonding is to call and quiz me on articles from The Economist.

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How do you get a sales prospect's attention?

By Michael Perla

There has been a lot of ink spilled on how to get people’s attention … how to have people like you … how to be more popular, and ad infinitum.  One of the biggest challenges in sales is “breaking through the noise” to capture someone’s attention.
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