View of a Former Buyer

By Doug Ferreira

Episode 1 - Sellers

There are thousands, probably 100’s of thousands, of sales trainers walking our wonderful planet at this given moment. Certainly, a large number of us have had a point in time in which we “carried a bag,” some for many years, others maybe for only a brief moment. Many agree that while not a hard prerequisite, having “pounded the pavement” in one’s past gives the sales trainer a unique point of view and some credibility while in front of a bunch of seasoned sales pros.

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What’s All the Talk About Sales Enablement?

By Michael Perla

It’s a hot topic, particularly in the world of sales. I often hear VP’s of Sales talk about it and pundits at large. A Google search of “Sales Enablement” returns over 1.1 million results. Everyone wants to be enabled – right? To some people, it also may sound better or more strategic than sales operations. So what is sales enablement?

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We Work For You

By Warren Shiver

What’s in a name? If it’s a B2B sales enablement and resource website, then it truly says it all, and well. We recently met with and spent some time discussing their sales transformation and evolution from supporting auto dealers with advertising solutions, to becoming dealer consultants with a 360 degree perspective on all aspects of running a best in class retail automotive dealership.

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