The Highs and Lows of Sales: Part I Managing the Motion Sickness that Comes with a Sales Role

By Erica Abt

After several of years of facing challenging sales targets, I realized my job had started to feel like a roller coaster, constantly sending me through extreme emotional highs and lows depending on my performance. Most professionals who choose sales or account management as a career path care about hitting goals, but the fact is that most goals are manipulated to stretch the sales rep just enough to encourage him or her to put forth extra effort in order to achieve their targets.

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Economy Finally Bouncing Back? Buh–Bye… The Coming Exodus of Sales People

By Per Torgersen

It is mid-2013 and the tenuous, yet positive, economic indicators keep coming: housing prices up by highest level in 7 years, positive job growth in the private sector extends streak to 40 months, unemployment continues to fall. For many of our clients, these indicators present a double-edged sword.  First, the good - there is finally some growth and more strength and security in their business.

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The problem is that no one is accountable … really? Measuring Performance

By Michael Perla

If someone else mentions they have an accountability problem I think I’ll vomit. I hear it ad nauseam.

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