When the Specialist Has to Sell

By Rachel Cavallo

You know that guy… You really can’t deliver what you sell without him. He’s the expert. He keeps the lights on. When your clients buy from you, they are really buying him… and sometimes you need to introduce him before you can close the deal. Unfortunately, he spends his time worrying about that thing that makes him so special, so he’s not really focused on what it takes to sell a deal…. nor does he typically think about how he says what he says – he just gets the job done.

In a few days, however, you are taking him out of his comfort zone, on a plane, and through the lobby doors of the client who could represent your biggest sale of the year. If this meeting is going to be successful, how you and your specialist prep over the next few days is crucial.

How can you ensure you leverage the expertise of specialists while aligning them with your sales objectives and plan?

Topics: team selling
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