Watching the Sales BASICS at Work… or Not

By David Szen

Over the past few months, my family has been fortunate enough to buy a 1925 bungalow in the neighborhood where we wanted to live. If you have ever acquired an older home with some character marks, you know that these are not perfect structures with straight lines and worry-free living. Once the inspection came back and we decided what issues we were going to immediately tackle, the sales process began with numerous contractors and specialists. None of these issues were uncommon for a home of this age in this area. We engaged specialists for the foundation, structural, electrical, floors, painting and general handyman services.

The entire experience was a vivid reminder of sales basics at work.

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Compete on execution, not ideas

By Michael Perla

 The title of this post is from the best-selling author Jim Champy, who I heard speak at the Consulting Magazine conference last Thursday in New York City. Jim is a great storyteller and thinker – see our Top Performer piece to get a feel for his genius.

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Selling in Our Culture of Fact Subjectivity

By Hope Eyre

I was sitting in a bar drinking martinis with my friend, Amy, on a recent Saturday night.

We were talking politics, and I mentioned the premise of my last blog post – that the confluence of affordable personal technology with a cacophony of media outlets has allowed our culture to create something new: personalized facts.

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Being Straightforward in Client Management

By Michael Perla

What she learned from her father ... and then sold over $1B dollars worth ...

Glennis’ father was a doctor. She used to accompany him on his rounds at the hospital and still remembers the tough discussions he had to have with his patients about life and death. Most of us in business don’t have to deal with life and death issues, although it sometimes feels that way if you lose a big deal or your customer champion leaves or is fired.

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