9 Steps to Improving Your Virtual Sales Calls: For a "Better Normal"

By Rachel Cavallo on Aug 13, 2020

We know many sellers who are about to bust down the doors of their home offices … craving the ability to shake a (sanitized) hand and engage with more than a head on Zoom.  Unfortunately, this may not be possible for a while longer.

See our 9 steps for improving virtual sales calls in a handy infographic.

9 Steps to Improving Virtual Sales Calls


Rachel Cavallo

Written by Rachel Cavallo

If there’s anyone who understands how sales people tick, it’s Rachel Cavallo. Rachel specializes in strategies that drive sales forces to adopt real change… the kind of change that produces results. She has managed many sales force transformations, helping sales leaders realign organizations and define new selling models, as well as designed and delivered sales training, coaching, and change management programs. At Symmetrics Group, Rachel is loved for her creativity and big picture thinking – she has a knack for crystallizing complex concepts into a single picture with high impact messages.

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