Don’t forget…. Leaders Need Leadership

By Debi Jackson on Nov 10, 2014

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I have seen it over and over. As people rise to high-level leadership positions, it is assumed that they no longer require any feedback, motivation or coaching. It only matters if they meet their bottom line results, not how they do it or how they feel about doing it. This can negatively affect the leaders themselves, the people working for them, and the overall success of the organization.

Consider a sales organization. Sales managers directly impact the success of their sales reps. What if these managers do not lead or coach effectively? What if they are not motivated themselves? How do these problems affect the results of their teams?

It is obvious that these managers need leadership too.

If you lead a team of managers, reflect on your own leadership style and consider getting back to the basics:

Lead by Example – Treat your managers the way you want them to treat their people. Illustrate all of the leadership qualities that you want them to illustrate. SHOW them what good leadership is.

Provide Feedback – Don’t just discuss their objective results. Make an effort to observe their management style and coaching skills. Provide honest feedback and work with them to improve these skills, as well.

Motivate and Inspire – Make your managers WANT to achieve the goals you have put in front of them. Be clear about your expectations. Be positive and enthusiastic. Trust them and challenge them. Make your managers feel that you are “with” them and not “against” them. You are a team.

Provide Support – Give your managers the tools and support they need to improve their leadership capabilities. Even the most highly educated leaders might need additional training on a skill or competency. Invest in their success.

By doing these things for the leaders reporting to you, your organization will reap multiple benefits:

Trickle Down Effect – Because you effectively lead your managers, they will become more effective leaders for their people. They will learn from your example.

Retention – It is no surprise that good leadership improves retention rates for organizations. Your managers will be more likely to stick with you and your company, even during the most challenging times.

Results – All of these benefits contribute to better bottom-line results. With improved motivation and skills among both your managers and their people, you will be more likely to achieve or exceed your goals.

Have you seen other results stemming from giving leaders the guidance they need to be effective? Let us know and keep the conversation going.

Debi Jackson

Written by Debi Jackson

Debi Jackson specializes in bringing sales effectiveness solutions to life through effective sales training and communication. She brings 20+ years of practical sales and marketing experience in the transportation, pharmaceutical, and CPG industries. Debi’s areas of expertise include sales capability development, sales leader development, and curriculum design.

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