The Power of Perspective: Navigating Multigenerational Impacts Between Buyers and Sellers

By Kelsey Peusch on Apr 4, 2018

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A plethora of research and news continues to flood the media around Millennials, e.g., what makes them unique and how their numbers are mushrooming in the work force. As a sales leader, you should be interested not just in Millennials, but more broadly, the cross-generational dynamics between buyers and sellers and how it impacts sales effectiveness.

There are undeniable impacts on your customer’s business as well. From B2B sales and marketing to direct-to-consumer (B2C) engagement, multi-generational forces permeate all aspects of the buying process.

On April 12th, Seismic, a leading sales and marketing enablement solution provider, hosted a webinar featuring Symmetrics Group and T. Rowe Price. 

Together, we demonstrated the multi-generational impacts between buyers and sellers, broadly in a B2B setting and specifically within the world of wealth management, where a massive wealth transfer from older to younger generations is currently underway. Are sales organizations, marketers, and financial advisors ready for this generational shift?

 Multigenerational Webinar Seismic Symmetrics Group

As sales strategists, we often ask sales leaders to vet the way their sales organization’s structure, talent, and capabilities align to their target market.  Just as you consider market segments and buyer personas, you must consider generational factors that influence the way your buyers behave and make decisions.

Our own Warren Shiver and David Szen explore these generational impacts on B2B sales in depth in their recent book The Multigenerational Sales Team.

In our webinar with Seismic and T. Rowe Price, we will help sales and marketing organizations answer the following questions:

  • What experiences shape the mindset of Boomer, Gen X and Millennial buyers?
  • What are the generational missteps my team might make that can cripple the sales process?
  • How can sellers tweak their approach to build trust and credibility across generations?
  • How do generational dynamics extend to individual investors?
  • How can asset managers and financial advisors provide the right solutions and build the right relationships to capitalize on the great wealth transfer?

Multigenerational Sales Team Pocket Guide

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Kelsey Peusch

Written by Kelsey Peusch

Kelsey Peusch has spent her entire career enabling high performing sales teams across a variety of industries. With expertise in Sales Effectiveness, Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Kelsey has developed a respected ability to assess and address the challenges currently facing many sales-oriented organizations. Clients appreciate Kelsey’s ability to synthesize content and create effective communications across a wide range of mediums, from training materials and communication campaigns to comprehensive value proposition manuals. In her latest endeavor, Kelsey is exploring how companies effectively manage multiple generations, each with unique characteristics, in a way that increases productivity internally (between colleagues) and minimizes conflicts externally (between buyer and seller).

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