This just in - bad scenes witnessed on sales calls

By David Szen on Aug 5, 2012

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This just in - bad scenes witnessed on sales calls. Are these any of your "agony of sales defeat?" Easy mistakes to make and old habits hold back sales effectiveness. Part of improving at anything is being able to laugh at our mistakes and then have the discipline to make changes.


Let's look at some not so "Top 10" moments in sales:

10. "I brought way more than we can cover - but it's great leave-behind stuff." Why did you say that? Why did you bring it? Really? All this tells the client is that you intended to throw the kitchen sink at them and see if they like it!


9. Lame opening questions that spill over to senseless sales gibberish - How about the Bears? Man, how abut the heat? How is business? Did you see that Olympic swimming last night? This is sales "buttering up." Clients know it and it does not work!


8. Bad verbal habits that make things worse - To be honest, to be perfectly frank, if I am on the level, let me just shoot straight, quite honestly, let's talk turkey, etc. They are all verbal fluff that helps the sales process ZERO.


7. "If you succeed I succeed" - Every sales rep on Earth says this. It's not 100% true and is just filler fluff to make people buy.


6. Discounts that are "just for you." Do clients see through the "kindness?" Yep - they know everyone gets the discount. Trying to make an average client feel special is just plain cheesy and they know it.


5. Selling with fear and intimidation - "Do this or else." Clients love to be told something bad will happen if they don't buy - NOT!


4. Using canned responses to sales resistance. The customer tosses an objection and the rep uses some ancient canned reply that did not even work in 1986.


3. Talking while the client is reading - handing off samples, slides, brochures, etc and then selling while the client/prospect tries to read. It is scientifically impossible to listen, understand and read at the same time.


2. Objections = more chances to annoy you. The client said (insert here) - the rep starts every sentence with "if I could would you." The end result is "used cars" at best.


1. Asking questions - not listening to the responses - then pitching whatever you were going to regardless of the answers. Otherwise known as - Why did I ask? The answers don't matter.

David Szen

Written by David Szen

David Szen is a contributing author for Symmetrics Group and a sales effectiveness expert. Having delivered numerous sales and leadership training programs for companies across industries, David understands the nuances that can impact sales team performance. David explored generational impacts on sales team effectiveness and co-authored the book The Multigenerational Sales Team with Symmetrics Group's founder Warren Shiver.

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